Sonnet for Students

February, Teaching Year 14

Sometimes, I write poetry for the students, during the poetry unit.  Occasionally one of those poems ends up being interesting enough to share.  This poem was one that the students asked me to write, explaining whether I thought boys or girls wrote better poetry. Now, I normally steer clear of gender battles. After all, students all bring individual strengths, regardless of their gender.  This time, though, I couldn’t resist. The whole thing kind of screamed for a poem.  So I took up the challenge.

A Sonnet for Students

Who writes the best poems? The girls or the boys?

Wise teacher, you must ponder this with care.

This question, once asked, no teacher enjoys.

Whenever the genders are judged, beware!

Young ladies, their poems, are worth a quick look,

For they write with a lyrical style.

Yet they post the best ones onto Facebook,

And turn in ” Ode to a Vampire’s Smile.”

But boys? They do not like to write for me,

Their words! Are they puzzles that I must solve?

Hastily scribbled, what could that word be?

Gorkle rhymes with snorkle?  I’m going bald!

So now they tell me that I have to choose,

Alas, I choose my hair, so the boys lose.

S. Martin
(c)  2009


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