An anecdote that fits on both of my blogs!

Little Old Me and a Video Game

Perhaps gender stereotyping does lead to some interesting truths about projects and learning?

I have been working with several schools in order to help teachers understand how the Scratch programming language can be used as a way for students to express themselves and their learning. Within a grade six class,  I noticed an interesting dynamic with one of the table groups as they were working. The table group had three groups.  One pair of boys and two pairs of girls.

First, the assignment.  The groups were to create a working simulation of the Earth/Moon system.  I gave them a Design Kit that contained a Sun, and Earth and a Moon to play with.  There were seven main tasks that the simulation needed to have:

  • The Earth needs to spin all the way around once a day.
  • The Earth needs to have night and day.
  • There needs to be a sprite…

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