More anecdotes from my research . . . .

Little Old Me and a Video Game

Students seem to believe that the computer can be an independent force of destruction.  By this I mean, a computer sometimes, with malice and forethought, sets out to destroy a student’s work independent of any help from the aforementioned student.

OK, I admit I have lost a word document here and there, or had a computer crash on me.  I have just never felt that this was on purpose on the part of the computer.  The universe . . . well, I have my own paranoid suspicions about the universe.  As an experienced techno-teacher (I have a loud driving bass beat), I have a good sense of when the computer or the program might be the issue or when the student might be the issue. See if you can tell which of these is probably the computer not working and which is, to use a gentle term, probably a user…

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